March of Dimes Mudd Volleyball



The tournament will be pool play followed by a single elimination playoffs.

Two teams from each pool will advance into the playoffs.


Teams to advance will be determined first by their win/loss record. In the event of ties, the tie will be broken based upon "head-to-head points against" for the teams involved in the tie. (See Tie Break Calculations Sheet for details.)


Unless otherwise noted, all pool play matches will be RALLY SCORING as follows:


4 teams: 1 game to 19 Double Round-Robin

5 teams: 1 game to 25 Single Round-Robin

6 teams: 1 game to 17 Single Round-Robin


All 17 point games are win by 2, cap at 19, switch sides at 9.

All 25 point games are win by 2, cap at 27, switch sides at 13.

All 19 point games are win by 2, cap at 21, switch sides at 10.


The match format for each round of the playoffs will be determined by the Tournament Director at the conclusion of pool play or the previous round. The format is always subject to change based on varying weather conditions, the amount of remaining daylight, etc. Ideally, all playoff matches will be one game to 25.


Placement into the playoff brackets will be assigned on a court by court basis. For example, 1st place on court #1 will play 2nd place on court #2, 2nd place on court #1 will play 1st place on court #2, etc.